SERVICES - Birthday party special rate is $150 for 2 hours!

Hourly rate for one artist      $95
Additional artists may be 
added at $75 each per hour

Face Painting: Deluxe full face painting with glitter and jewels add fun and excitement to the party, and are perfect for photographs of your special event!  This is the most dramatic and individual service we can provide.
For planning purposes, I paint approximately 12-15  faces per hour.  (That's a little less than five min per face!)
   * Everyone hates sad faces left unpainted when we have to pack up and get to next event, so please schedule enough time to cover the expected number of faces. 
*  We use only professional grade face paints.  The paints are hypo-allergenic water-based and FDA compliant for cosmetic use.  Glitter used is made especially for use on the skin.  Jewels are applied with surgical glue made for use on the skin. Designs are easily removed with soap and water. (Will also come off in swimming pools or with a lot of sweating, so if you're having a pool party, consider the tattoos below.)  
 Airbrush Tattoos:  Using a stencil and airbrush spray-gun, airbrush tattoos look like the real deal!  They can last for several days and are popular with adults and teens, as well as the little ones!  We have hundreds of stencils to choose from.
     * Airbrush paint is FDA approved for use on the skin.  They remove with alcohol or baby oil. 
Glitter/Mica TattoosUsing a stencil, glue and glitter, these tattoos are beautiful, shiny fun! (We also have Mica powder for those who want a more realistic tattoo.) Some freehand designs can be done on request: names, words, etc. Perfect for pool parties!
 Simple Balloon Animals!  These can be added on to another service or can be pre-made and brought as party favors!

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